Franklin Kiermyer - Further

Azar Lawrence
Benito Gonzalez
Juini Booth

fur┬Ěther: at or to a greater distance; a more advanced point; to a greater extent;
in addition to what has been said; to advance the progress or development of something.

New music from a working band of acclaimed musicians who share the vision to go further.
Further than what they've done before and further into the expansive heart of the spirit.

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There is no big record label funding my work. There aren't any 'music industry types' that are investing to get rich. I fund my work mostly with contributions from people who are interested in hearing more of it.

This music will grow and spread because I and the other musicians are committed to this path and because people like you want to hear it.

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Franklin Kiermyer


Franklin Kiermyer

Franklin Kiermyer conveys a spiritual feeling through his music that reaches each listener in different ways. He has a way of expressing his work without being locked into a musical category. What's unique is that as different as various settings are, it always sounds like him. He is able to get intensity and communicate a strong, personal spiritual feeling through it all. This latest chapter in his musical step is a breakthrough. He is building a body of work that is wide-ranging with a singularity of purpose and an ensemble with which he can tour.

- Michael Cuscuna


Azar, Benito, Juini and I come together because of our faith in music as a spiritual practice - a vehicle for opening up the heart. We recorded this music over a couple of days in March, 2013 at a studio on an island off the west-coast of Norway. Aside from some themes and directions, we spoke little about the music. That's how this music works best - without much of a box. The musicians themselves are the compositional elements. The songs - just themes - are like prayers or invocations.

It's my fervent wish that you experience the love, faith and freedom we feel making this music for you.

- Franklin Kiermyer